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20 Cool Google Features

Google is more than just a search engine. Yes, you already know Google have so many applications and  services but how many of Google’s interesting features do you know about?  Some of the awesome things you can do with Google :

Set  a timer

Explore Mars

simply type on url “

To take a virtual flight through Google Earth, press CTRL + Alt + A

just open google earth app

Get a bunch of resources on anything in one page

simply type  “what do you love” in google

Find new, free fonts

simply type “” in URL

Plan your wedding

Learn how to pronounce long numbers


simply type the number and the = english in search panel

Search flights and avoid airline websites

Hand-write characters you can’t type to translate

Build stuff with LEGO

Explore beyond our galaxy

Have Google fetch your info

Learn some geography trivia

Play Atari Breakout

Compare the popularity of words through history

Ask for reminders for things you search with Google Now




Look at high resolution pictures of famous art

To open a task manager specifically for Chrome, press Shift + Esc

Always know how long the drive is with Google Now

 And never forget where you parked

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