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4G Phones under 1000

Reliance Industries may early launch feature phones with VOLTE support in India. The move is pointed at introducing a new level of mobile devices in India.The reliance  same time expanding Reliance Jio’s user support by targeting users from middle-class and lower-middle-class families. who use cell phones basically for making calls. The move also targets first-time data users.

Reliance Jio may also soon face an opponent for feature phone users. Chinese handset manufacturer Transitions. which trades feature phones in Africa under the Itel brand. They announced its plans for making 4G feature phones in India by April 2017. Sudhir Mathur, head of Itel India, said: “The platform for this technology is being examined and all the growth is happening in China. We are watching Reliance closely, for their design will shape our strategy.”


Jio’s VoLTE feature phones will run on Android operating systems. Jio phone sport push buttons and rear and front cameras. These devices will also come loaded with Jio’s comfortable applications such as Jio Chat, Live TV and video on demand and Jio Money Wallet, Jio’s digital wallet service. For VOLTE support, the devices will use chipsets that Jio may source from Chinese company Spreadtrum or from Qualcomm and Mediatek sources stated.


The Reliance Jio is operating with handset maker Lava International and some Chinese manufacturers to build the devices. According to ET, the Reliance Jio will promote some of the selling prices to ensure that the 4G VOLTE feature phones will be available to the society at about Rs 1,000 INR. The cost of manufacturing the phones is about $25. They are usually sold for about Rs 2,500.

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