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5 Amazing things you can do with your Android Device

Android’s customization power and its open source nature provides great usage and flexibility to the devices running Android OS. It also provides a great platform to develop apps for the developers as well.

In this tutorial I am going to provide some awesome things that you can do with your Android Device. Let’s explore these amazing uses :

Spy Camera

If you’ve a spare or unused Android phone then you don’t to install a CCTV camera to your places. You can use your phone as a Spy Camera which works almost similar to any CCTV camera. To use your phone as a camera just install the Spy Kit app to your device.

It is a free app and very easy to use and install. It is completely silent and can capture videos and photos even when the mobile screen is idle of off. Also, if you have a SIM Card in your device, you can also set SMS trigger to operate your device.

Also you can use your device as security camera using an app called IP Webcam. It is very simple and easy to use app just install the App enter the IP Address and see what your device is seeing.

Charge one android phone from another

Another awesome use of your old android phone is to use it as a backup battery. To make it available on your device just make sure that you have a OTG support on your device. To check your device’s compatibility, just install the USB OTG Checker App and run it once. If you pass the test then you can use your device as a portable battery.
To do that you just need a USB OTG adapter which allow you to connect you device using a regular USB cable. Simply plugin the USB OTG adapter to your old device and connect it to the device which you want to charge.

Satellite Navigation for Your car

Now you have a spare device with you, you can leave one in your car a satellite navigation system for your vehicle. There are lots of apps which provides navigation to your device. Get a car mount for your phone and you are ready to go.

Digital Photo Frame

If you have spare device with large screen and better screen resolution, then you can put your device in your place as a digital photo frame.
Digital Photo Frame is an app which allow you to choose a folder on your device to display slideshow. Choose the required folder and stand your device on your drawer and there you go. You’ll have a digital photo frame now.

Smart TV Remote

Spare Android devices are great for controlling media around you. You can use your Android device as a multi-functional remote to control your media devices such as TV, Home Theater etc..

If your phone has a IR built in, then you can use one of the following apps to replace your TV remote with your Smart TV remote. With these apps you can have all your devices on the tip of your fingers.

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