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5 Android N features that are worth to have it

Google has just officially announced the name for its upcoming Android N as Nougat . Here is the compiled list of the top best and most exciting features you can look for in upcoming version.

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The most obvious enhancement in Android Nougat is going to be its tweaked UI and Notification area. With a full width design and smaller icon has made the proper utilization of space. Notifications has become more functional as well, just swipe the notification area twice successively to get the more control and take actions. There would now be a little button against each notification to expand that one only.

android n notificaitons

With Android N long pressing the each notification now can let you control How you are going to receive notifications from that app in future? You can choose between weather to display them silently or block them completely. The most important in Android N is the access to five toggle icons over your notifications and that are customization too.



Android N is trying to making things even more simple and accessible by introducing a split screen feature. With this feature now in Android N you’ll be able to run multiple apps on a single screen by splitting your screen. This feature was already introduced by CM13 and can be accessed through Developer Options (Read Here).



Android N has got a very new and fresh revamp to its settings sections. Within the settings the first thing you’ll notice is at the top now are suggestions for things you may have not done yet. Also, there is going to be a little slice of relevant information like storage capacity, current Wi-Fi network, data usage etc.


With Android N Google is launching a completely new platform called DayDream that succeeds its Cardboard initiative. In order to use that you’ll need to have a DayDream certified mobile device with a right kind of display and sensors and they will work with a new VR mode to improve performance. Learn more about Google Cardboard (Read Here).


Though this might not be the biggest change but there will now be lots of themes for Google Stock Keyboard. With Android N you now choose between various colors, button borders, set photo as a background and many more.


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