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How to block an application using firewall – Tutorials

Firewall is a network security system, hardware and software based that controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on some rules. Sometimes we doesn’t want that some application used internet in our computer So we can set some rules in our windows firewall to restrict their access. Let learn how to do all this in easy simple steps.


Step One:

   Open Control panel

step one

Step Two:

    Go to “Windows Firewall”

      step two

Step Three:

     Click on “Advance Setting”

 Step Three

Step Four:

    Here we have inbound and outbound rules on the left hand side. When you click on the outbound rules, o the right hand side here we appear “new rule”.

Step four

Step Five:

    Click on the “new rule”.

step five

Step Six:

    A window will appear there you have to select program then click on the “next” icon.

step Six

Step Seven:

    If you want to block all applications and programs than select “all programs” or if you want to block a specific program then give the path in the field “this program path” then click “next”.

Step Seven

Step Eight:

    Select “block the connection”.

Step eight

Now Click on next and you have successfully block the application connection.

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