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How to edit eyes color – Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop is considered as the one the best tool for editing your images to make them look more professional and eye catchy. Photoshop provides various tools to edit and to do retouching of your images. You can edit eyes color, hair color, skin tone etc. In this Photoshop tutorial we’ll learn how to edit eyes colors in Photoshop.

Change eyes color in Photoshop- Photoshop Tutorial


Step 1.
Open the image in Adobe- Photoshop, copy the layer of photo or double click on layer to open the locked layer and zoom in the eyes.


Step 2.
Select the quick selection tool from toolbox menu and select both eyes.


Step 3.
Now go to menu bar and click on layer option then select New Adjustment Layer then click on Hue/Saturation. New layer Saturation layer will be created in layer pallet.

Step 4.
    Adjust the color of Hue and Saturation according to your requirement as i used Hue:  -180 and Staturation: +56 and Lightness: +4
step 2...
You can also watch this and other Photoshop Tutorials video here:

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