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How to change hair color in Adobe Photoshop – Tutorial

Today we are going to learn How to edit hair color in Photoshop. Although Photoshop has many way to change the hair color but today we learn simple and easy way to change the color. Follow the following simple steps:


Step 1.
Open the image in Photoshop. Go to layer pallet menu and double click on the image layer to open the lock of layer or duplicate the layer to do same.

Step 2.
     Go to menu option and select layer then New Adjustment Layer and Select Hue/Saturation. New adjustment layer will appear in your layer pallet.
Step 3.
      Select the brush tool from toolbar and set hue : -32 and Saturation : +24 and lightness will be same.
Step 4.
     Delete the mask background by pressing ctrl + backspace and brush the hair.
Step 5.
    Now you can adjust the hue/saturation and lightness according to your need..
you can also watch the video of this tutorials…..

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