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Buying Guide For Choosing Good Camera Phone

You might be confused about choosing good camera phone. There are many terms that we come across that  are not clear to us like aperture, depth of field. There are few misconceptions among people that more megapixel mean more better images, more aperture means more better image. Believe me, after reading this blog till end you will have no doubts regarding this topic.

Choosing good camera phone

Basically the technology behind the camera was inspired from human eyes so the principle behind the working of a camera is not different from human eye. In a camera there are a number of lenses that work together to focus the light on a sensor. The sensor is like a retina of a human eye; the image falls on it and it converts that scene into a picture with Image Processing Software embedded  in the phone.


choosing good camera phone

The camera sensor is made of small pixels. Each pixel captures some information or detail. So more pixel means more detail. The term Mega Pixel means ‘Million Pixels’. Means if your phone has a 1 Mega pixel camera then its sensor has 1 Million Pixels spread across its sensor. Here the size of the sensor and pixel size becomes very important aspect because if there are more pixels in a small sensor then the pixel size will be small and each pixel will not be able to capture required amount of information, means if you have a phone with 21 MP camera then it will definitely NOT be better than a DSLR camera which may be a 12MP shooter because the sensor in the DSLR camera will be more larger and its each pixel is capable of taking good amount of detail.

The other important aspect is the aperture. You might have gone through terms camera aperture. You may have seen that one phone has f(2.0),f(1.8),f(2.2) aperture. This terms seem quite tricky sometimes as people think that more value of aperture, but the scenario is totally different. The less value of aperture will give the more range to camera and more area can be captured. The following image will clear all your doubts about aperture.


It doesn’t mean that lesser the aperture, more better image. With decreasing aperture you loose focusing of image. Following image will show you samples with different apertures.


Now I feel you know every important thing about smartphone camera. Now decide which camera phone you should buy.

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