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How to create a Facebook style timeline in WordPress

WordPress is being considered as the one of the best CMS available now a days. With WordPress even a non-techie can create professional looking websites and that is also in very few time. With a variety of free and paid plugins you can easily manage to style your website at different levels.


In this WordPress tutorial we’re going to let you know How you can create a timeline as in facebook within your WordPress website. You can use such timelines in WordPress to tell a story, let others know about your life journey, about-us pages and many more.

In order create an awesome facebook like timeline in this WordPress tutorial I’m going to let you know about a free WordPress plugin with which you can create an awesome looking timeline in WordPress. The plugin we’re going to use here is Cool Timeline. The plugin is available free in WordPress plugins repository. You can check this plugin here.

Steps to Create Facebook style timeline in WordPress

STEP 1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard and then install a new plugin, “Cool Timeline“. You can install it manually or from WordPress repository.

STEP 2. Activate the plugin, once you activate the plugin  you’ll see two new menus in your dashboard left side. One is ‘Cool Timeline’, which you can use to toggle different settings of your timeline and the second one is ‘Timeline Stories’ which is used to create story for your timeline.

STEP 3. Up to this point you’re having a plugin installed now you can start creating your awesome story. Go to ‘Timeline Stories’ and click on ‘Add New’. A new story page will open. Now give a catchy title to your story part and add content in the text below.


STEP 4.  Before publishing your story add a ‘Featured Image’ in the right to your story. This will make your WordPress timeline look even more attractive and clear. If your theme does not support “Featured Image” section then Click Here.

STEP 5. If you’re creating a journey and you want to set time and date then click on ‘Edit’ option just after the Publish immediately option and then set date and time accordingly. This date and time will appear on your timeline. Follow these steps to create different stages of your timeline.


STEP 6. Once you’re finished creating your timeline/story, now its time to publish it to the front end. Create a new page or post where you want your timeline to be appeared. Copy and paste the following shortcode-


After this publish your page or post and you’ll be able to see your story in a very attractive fashion.

You can toggle various settings related to your timeline such as color, font, text alignment, date,month etc in ‘Cool Timeline’ menu.

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