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How to create fire text Effect in Photoshop – Tutorials

Learn how to create fire text effect in Adobe Photoshop by follow simple and easy step mention below

Step One:

    Create a new file of width 1024 pixels, height 728 pixels, resolution 72 pixels/inch and background will be transparent.

step one

Step two:

    Make the background black by using paint bucket tool and use the color code #00000

step two                      step three

Step Three:

    Using type tool type the word you want to give fire Effect and change the font color to white.
step four 1

Step Four:

     Select Fx Down at the bottom of layer pallet and then select blending options.

step five

Step five:

      Select Outer Glow. Lets change the color to #F70300 and then click on ok. Size will be 12.

step five 1    step five 2    step five 3

Step Six:

    Next click on color overlay. Lets change the color to #CD7E2E then click on ok.

step five 4                        step five 5

Step Seven:

   Now Select Satin, change the color to #872DOF and select ok . Make crank up the opecity level to 100%, make sure  your blend mode is set to be multiply as well and distance = 10px or size = 15px.

step five 6   step six 1    step six 2

Step Seven:

Next select inner Glow, change the blend mode to Color Dodge,

step seven 3

step seven 1

change the color to #E5C23B, Opacity 100% and change the size to about 10px then click on ok.

step seven 2        step seven 3

Step Eight:

    Right click on text layer and select Rasterize Type and select the Eraser and fade out the top. Head up to filter-Distort and then ZigZag. amount 4 and Ridge 4. Make sure style is set to pond Ripple and hit ok.

step eight 1

step eight 2

step nine

step nine 1

Step Nine:

Now we need to select our fire image that we downloaded. Drag and drop onto the text layer using Move tool. Make sure the fire image is select in channels tab. Ctrl + left click on green layer to load selection of the highlight areas. Select the layer tab again. Ctrl + j to copy the selection mode.

step ten

step ten1

step ten 2

Step Ten:

     Unchecked the fire image. use the Move tool  to position  the fire as you like.

step eleven

step eleven 1

Change the blending mode to screen. select the Eraser tool to Erase extra fire.

step eleven 2

step eleven 3

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