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Creating wave style backgrounds in Photoshop

Today we are going to tell you how to create a wave type background using Photoshop. Just follow the simple step given below…


Steps To Create Background in Photoshop

1.  Open Photoshop and then click on File > New. You can also use shortcut  (Ctrl + N)

photo 1
2          2.  Dialog Window will appear.
               a. Enter your project name.
               b. Set height, width and resolution (high resolution images use 1920*1480 and resolution must be 300px )
               c. You can change color mode here ( for better printing Quality use mode CMYK color)
               d.  Set your background color.
photo 2
1.       3.  Project work space will appear in your Screen. New layer will be created in layer Section. 
photo 3
1.      4.  Go to layer menu select New >fill> layer> option then click on Gradient.
photo 4
1.      5.  Enter the name of Gradient, Color, Mode and Opacity you want to set (as I set Gradient Name: blue, Color: None, Mode: Normal and Opacity: 100%)
photo 5
             Screen will appear like this and New Gradient layer will be created in layer Section. Click on Gradient option.
photo 6
1.      6. In Gradient >down arrow > side arrow > simple.
photo 7
              After this a message box will appear on your screen just click on OK button to continue. 
photo 8
  7.  Select first Gradient option for blue simple.
photo 9
1.      8.  Set Style: linear, Angle must be -60 º  and Scale:150% then press OK button
photo 10
1.     9.    Select new >layers
                   Click on layer option present on menu bar then select new then layer
                You can also use shortcut for this (shift +ctrl+N)
photo 11
1.     10.    After New layer selection decrease the workspace size by pressing  shortcut key (ctrl and + together )
             Now select Elliptical Marquee Tool from toolbar menu and draw it.  
photo 12
        11.    Select brush from toolbar menu and set the color brown.
         Note:- Always do this in new layers because by this it is easy to do change or delete. 
photo 13
       12.    Drag soft brush from the edge of Elliptical Marquee tool
photo 14
1.      13.   Select the Newly Created Layer then Select layer style from normal to color dodge (for change shades you can also select different layer style)

photo 15
          14.  Copy layer by selecting following layer with ctrl + j by this layer 2 has been created then select and drag that layer to another place you are interested in.
photo 16
           15.   Repeat steps from 9 to 14 again and create different number of layers and place them in different locations.
photo 17
              16.  Repeat those steps 3 times to get the following result.
photo 18
              17.   Select Gradient layer from layer pellet and double click on it
photo 19
              18.   Click on Gradient option. Now  Gradient editor will open in your screen 
photo 20
           19.    Change the color according to your choice by Double click on scale. 
photo 20
             20.   The final design will look like this
photo 21
                    Change layer style from layer menu for different shades  
photo 22

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