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Earn Money Using Facebook Page | Earn $1000 Per Month Using Facebook

Hi guys, I’m back again and this time with a very interesting post especially for my those friends who want to earn some extra pocket money. Yes it is true you can earn money using your Facebook page or group. If you’re having an active Facebook page or an active Facebook group with thousands of members then you can turn your Facebook page or a Facebook group into an awesome earning machine. How ? This can be easily achieved using affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing ?

You can use your Facebook page or group to sell products from the various online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Themeforest etc. and each time a user buys a product from the links you’ve provided you’ll get a commission up to 35% of the product price in your account. There are many successful affiliates who are earning more than $1000/month. Yes its true more than Rs. 60,000/month. Becoming an affilate is not a difficult task at all. Its simple as creating an Facebook account.

How to become affiliate ?

There are many online stores which are running affiliate program to reach more and more customers and this can be your earning source. Just google for the store which you want become affiliate for. For example if you want to become “Flipkart Affiliate” then search as “flipkart affiliate” and visit the affiliate link. Register yourself and then they will approve your application and you become Flipkart Affiliate and now you can sell flipkart products and earn commissions. Each time you share a product on your Facebook use your affiliate account to create an affiliate link.

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How to earn money using Facebook ?

Once you’ve registered yourself as an affiliate you’re ready to sell products use your social media existence to sell more and more products. Don’t post your product as a simple post. Use facebook offer option and then create an offer. Follow these steps –

1. Go to your Facebook page or Group

2. In the post section click on “Offer, Event +” option and then choose “offer”.


3. “Create an Offer” popup will appear. Enter your affiliate link in the URL section and add some attractive title to the product.


4. Add some images related to the product and then create your offer among your group or page member.

Now, if anyone purchase a product using your link, you’ll get a commission on each purchase.

Hope you guys like my this post. Please comment below and I’ll help you out with your problems. Subscribe us to know more online learning tips.

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