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Enjoy Virtual Reality In a Simple, Fun and Affordable Way With Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is a foldable smartphone mount that when held against the eyes provides a virtual reality experience. Your handset must have a stereoscopic display software to make this device compatible with your smartphone.

This device is designed by google but still there is no official vendor or seller for this device is available. The official Google Cardboard sdk uses openGL. Though Google provides the list of parts, assembly and list of instructions freely available at their website. It recommends people assemble one for themselves by just using the readily available items at home.

Experience It

Once you get it, fold it and look inside it to enter the world of virtual reality. It just starts with a simple viewer that anyone can made or buy that is why it is a very affordable experience. Once you have it, you can explore variety of apps around you to experience it.

Enjoy It

Got a cardboard, then enjoy the new places, play immersive games and fly in the sky with awesome apps. Download them here.

Start Developing

Start developing for cardboard and be a part of fold. Get the Cardboard SDK to start developing the immersive experience for yourself. For more information visit it here :

Google Cardboard

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