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How to get your friend’s IP address

Do you want to learn hacking, do you want to hack someone’s computer and social accounts then you need to learn too much of hacking.
In this hacking tutorial we are going to show you the first step of hacking that is identifying the IP address of victim. There are lots of way to identify the IP address but today we are going to show you the simple and easy way to get it. Want to find how then follow these simple steps…

Steps to Get IP Address of Target Machine

Step one: – open this website in your browser its look like this.
Step Two: – Enter your email address and get link.
Step Three: – Select anyone from given two links and shorten them so that they can’t identify your link.
           For this you have to open another website that is
Step Four: – Enter your selected link in given text box and create URL.
Send this short link URL to your friend through message or the way you want to send whenever your friend click on that URL you got the message with their location and IP address. And their browser show them blank page….
Try this trick with your friend and stay in connect for more hacking tricks…enjoy….

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