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The New Moduler Phone Ara….(Now hardware Customization is possible with smartphone)

Google is now going to make the dream of every smartphone user possible with the project Ara and  google is going to step into the market of smartphones and in a very impressive and effective manner. Google is now going to change the trend smartphones market with this first smartphone that seems to be a Game Changer because this device is going you to allow you customization at hardware level.

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If you are looking for a HD camera phone then there is no need to buy a new device if you have this amazing so called smartphone in your hands,just change the camera module  and its done on your already exiting device.If you need high processing power just change the processor module.Some you might think that this is a rumor or just a concept but Google has almost done with this new and amazing idea. lets take a look at some of its interesting features.
Life and Technology change quickly. so those our smartphone….
        Ara frame contains all the functionality of a smartphone plus six flexible slot for easy swapping…
        Ara module fit neatly in their frame so anyone can change its module as they want…
 In Ara you can customize each and every thing like screen, speaker, Ram processor everything. Now if you don’t like any thing or want to upgrade any feature of your phone no need to change your complete phone just go and buy another module and put it in your phone… its going to be a big change in smartphone market guys…
The recent announcement by google says its going to come in market in 2017 but according to google, a developer edition of project Ara will be started shipping this year..

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