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How to Get Your Very First Job on Upwork


Hi, thanks for keep in touch with our blog. So, if you’re planning to work as a part time or full time freelancer then this post is exclusively for you. Freelancing has its own advantages over doing a job in a company. You’re your own boss, you can start working whenever you feel like. You can choose job you are interested in and many more. Check out my another post on freelancing –

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So let’s come to the topic, for me and many other freelancers like me Upwork is one of the most famous freelancing platform I’ve ever worked on. I’ve created my profile on Upwork around three years ago but didn’t worked on it. From last one year I’m taking and working on it seriously. Within a year I’m awarded with “Top Rated” badge on Upwork.

Getting your very first job on Upwork is a start of your freelancing carrier on Upwork. To become a successful freelancer the very first thing you’ve to update now is your profile. Many guys have a question in their mind that “why can’t I get hired” and when I noticed their profiles, it’s not even filled properly or if it is it’s just filled with mistakes, no portfolio, no test taken, no employment details nothing.

So let’s go through the step to landing your very first job –

Updating your profile on Upwork

Before applying for any Job make sure you’ve your profile is professionally set up and proves your skills very well. Take a look at each of the following sections carefully to have you profile look more professional and high end.

Screenshot from 2016-09-03 13-00-39

Overview – This is the most important part of your profile, it introduces you to your clients, it reflects your objective. Use this section as a tool to set you apart from other freelancers on Upwork. If you’ll write “I can create professional websites very fast and help you grow your business online.” then where is the difference? About 90-98% other freelancer can do this as well. You overview should answer the question “Why you should hire me only above other freelancers”. If its not there it is not a good overview.

Picture – You might have heard that there is no need of picture. But this can help you a lot. Follow the Upwork guidelines to have a picture. A front facing picture of yours with a smile on your face can help you attract more clients to you.

Hourly Rate – I must tell you that clients look after your hourly rate before choosing you on Upwork. Your hourly rate reflects the level of quality of your work. Don’t set your rate too high not too low. If you’re confused about setting your hourly rate then go through the profile of other freelancers in the same category and adjust your rate accordingly.

Education, Work Experience – Many people thinks that adding your work history and education details is not that much important. But this not a section to be skipped. This reflects the details that how and from where you’ve learnt the skill you’re showcasing. Add certificates if you’ve earned any.

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Skill Tests – Many clients don’t even look at your profile if you’re not Upwork ready. Take skill tests according to your skill set. Like if you would like to work as a Web Developer then give tests such as CSS, HTML5, PHP  etc. Don’t worry if you’re not able to clear your tests don’t show them and you can re-take those tests again after a month. Skill tests are a proof that the skills you’ve mentioned are real.

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Portfolio – Portfolio is something to showcase your work. If you’ve developed some websites then add a link to them, if you’re a graphics artist then add some logos, designs you’re proud of to the portfolio section. Add a link to your blog.

Screenshot from 2016-09-03 13-01-55

Getting Your First Job

Once you’ve done with your profile, now it’s time to bid for a job. You should consider following things before bidding for any job as you’ve limited connects to apply for job as a free user on Upwork.

  • Try to choose most recent job posts.
  • Always consider the number of bids, number of  hires and number of interviews on that particular job.

Screenshot from 2016-09-03 13-03-57

  • Choose a job that fits your skill set exactly.
  • Always note the time frame to complete that particular job and always prefer to bid on those jobs you think you can complete on time.

Screenshot from 2016-09-03 13-03-53

Cover Letter – A well written and well formatted cover letter can help you get a particular job. Don’t copy paste your cover letter. Always describe your skill sets and experience according to the job post. Your cover letter must contain your time and cost. Re-discuss the clients requirements in your cover letter so that to believe you’re read the job posting carefully and properly. Do ask some questions and clear your doubts in your cover letter. This creates an impression that you really want to work on that job. Answer all the questions asked by the client. Check out my another post on –

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Bid Often and Bid Randomly – Don’t waste all your connects in two or three days and wait them to get re-new for the next month. Bid for 2-4 job posts daily so that you can have connects available throughout the month. Don’t get sad and stop bidding if you’re not getting hired like I did three years ago ;). Just keep on bidding and one day you’ll surely get your very first job. Share your experience in comments section and let us know if I’ve missed something to mention. Ask you queries and I’ll help you solve them.

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    Evrything is covered so nicely.

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