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How to find and Play Hidden Facebook Messenger Games

Facebook messenger is a excellent chat App with extra features. Now FB messenger allow you to play different games with your friends and provide secret entertainment when the conversation dries up – bonus.


Finding these hidden Facebook games isn’t so easy – they’re hidden for a reason. Fortunately, we’ve been doing some super sleuthing to hunt out all of Messenger’s secret talents to provide you with a handy guide, not only on how to find them, but how to master them too.

Hidden Secret Basketball Game

Its a simple and interesting hidden game in FB messenger. when your chat get bor this game will provide you more hour of fun with your friend.
To play this game you need to just send a basketball emoji to your friend and then Tap on it, the game will be activated…Both you and your friend will play this game within the chat window…

Hidden Secret Chess Game
The another interesting game in FB messenger is chess. but you need to be familiar with chess commands and they are not too difficult. For playing chess in FB you just need to enter this command in message box “@fbchess” and the game start. It automatic select the color but if you want to play with specific color just type “@fbchess play black” or  “@fbchess play white”.  for the movement just type “@fbchess Pb3” for pawn or N for knight and so one. if you for get any command just type @fbchess help and list of commands will be open....enjoy…

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