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How to increase your computer speed using a pen drive

In this changing technology world computer became an essential part of your life. In this computer world some people facing a very common problem that is low RAM in their PC or Laptop. Many programs take lot of memory during operation and we are not able to access those programs because of low RAM. In this article we help them to increase their RAM size with the help of pen drive/USB.  To know how to do this, follow the steps below.

Step One
Delete all the stuff on your pen drive.Insert it and let the PC read it (minimum 2 GB).
Step Two
Right click onMy Computer.
  • Click on Properties-from context menu.
 Step Three
Click on theAdvanced 
Step Four
Click onSettings under Performance.


Step Five
Click on theAdvanced 
 Step Six
Click on theChange button under Virtual memory.
Step Seven
Select your USB drive.
Step Eight
Click on custom size radio button and give the values as follows;
  • Initial Size:1020
  • Maximum size:2040
  • The size depends upon your free memory capacity of your pen drive. So you can change this limit according to your pen drive size.
Step Night
Click theSet button, and then click on OK.

 Step Ten
Restart the computer with pen drive inserted.The speed of your computer will be increased.

watch video of this tutorial here:

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