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How to Make Solar Cell at Home

This article will let you know how to make a sun powered cell at home, and subsequent to making this you can illuminate your easily overlooked details like a clock, radio etc.

Take a copper sheet and cut it into equal parts. After cutting you have 2 pieces of the same size.
Heat up one piece of copper sheet completely using a burner or gas stove.Heat up 20 to 30 minutes. Then place it undisturbed to cool down
Attach a piece of copper wire to it. Clear that place where you will attach copper wire to it.
Take another piece of copper sheet and attach it to another piece of copper wire.
Take a plastic bottle and cut it half. In the bottom part of bottle make a solution of hot water and salt.
Paste burned copper sheet in the bottle. Only copper sheet touched with water not copper wire.
In opposite direction paste another piece of copper sheet.
Now your solar cell is ready to be attached to anything to the wire which is attached to copper sheets.

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