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How to remove shutdown, restart and sleep option from your computer

In this tutorial I will show you how to remove shutdown/restart/ sleep option from your computer and make them totally inaccessible. Do this with others and check their reactions on this. It’s a very cool and simple trick so let’s start and now how to do this…..

Step one – Go to run from start menu and type “ Gpedit.msc “ and press enter.
Step two-  local group policy editer will be open in your screen . Now select and double click on user configuration option.
Step three- Select  and double click on administrative templetes.
Step four- Select  and double click on Start Menu and task-bar option.
Step five-  now select form double click on  “Remove  and prevent access to the Shutdown, restart and sleep” option .
Step Six- just select enabled option and apply it then click on OK button.
You have successfully hide your shutdown/restart and sleep option.

Now if you press shortcut for shutdown it will generate the error message.

Reverse these steps  to revert the changes…..

You can also watch the tutorial video here:

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