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How to use Dual WhatsApp in single Phone

WhatsApp has become a very important part of our life. Many Smartphone user are using whatsapp and now a days we want to use two accounts and to do so, we think to buy a new phone. So today we are going to talking about the trick to use multiple whatsapp accounts in single phone using a simple and easy way.. you can also use any other applications using same trick…

Just follow the instructions…

Method one 
  1.  For this you need to have Custom Rom Cyanogen 12.1 or 13.1
    dual 1
  2.  Now go to the setting menu of your phone and then tap on users.
    dual 2
  3. In users create a new user account by tapping on add user. A pop up appear in your phone just Tap on okay after this your phone will restart and after restart again go to the users menu now new user will appear their…
    dual 3
  4. Tap on new user then Tap on setup now your phone will switch to new user account. Now your phone will look like a new one… Now Install whatsapp or any other app you want to use dual..and enjoy…
Another Method (if your phone is not in Cyanogen-mod No need to worry try this one)
  1. If you want to enjoy dual whatsapp just download whatsapp gold 5.5 from the following link..
  2. Now transfer your current whatsapp account to whatsapp gold
  3. After that verify another number in official whatsapp application and enjoy….
  4. If you want to use any another application dual just download the clone app from the following link..
  5. Make a clone of App you want to use dual and enjoy….!!!

(Note!! you cannot create the clone of whatsapp because of security reasons)

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