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How to use two Whatsapp Account in One Android Phone

Now days Whatsapp become a essential part of mobile. when ever we want to text any person we use whatsapp.  whatsapp exchange SMS in mobiles. Some people have two cellphone because they use two Whatsapp  Account. but you Don’t have two do this because you can use two whatsapp account in one Android phone
Steps To Run Two Whatsapp Account In One Android Phone

  • You must have your official whatsapp keep it
  • For Second Account Follow
  • Download OG Whatsapp To Run Two Number on it-
  • Download WAMappsolo app (easy available on google play)
  • Now, After Download, Click On Install  And open WAMappsolo.
  • Enter your Second Number and verify  it by entering verification code.
Now you have two whatsapp accounts on a single phone.
The Trick  and Please Share it With your Friends WAMappsolo app help him to Run whatsapp in one device…..


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