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Keep youself safe while using your ATM at public places

We people like our mobiles phones has become very use to our ATMs as it provides us a quick way to access our money. Sometime using ATMs can be dangerous because if somehow someone got access to your ATM credentials he/she can steal all your savings. So here we’re providing you some of the steps that every ATM holder must follow in order to keep him/her self safe –
  1. Memories your PIN. Don’t write it down anywhere, and certainly never on the card itself.
  2. Your card is for your own personal use. Don’t share your PIN or card with anyone, not even your friends or family 
  3. “Shoulder surfer” can peep at your PIN as you enter it. Thus stand close to the ATM machine and use your body and hand to shield the keyboard as you enter the PIN 
  4. Do not take help from unknown persons for using the ATM card or handling your money 
  5. Press the ‘Cancel’ button before moving out-side the ATM. Remember to take your card and transaction slip with you 
  6. If you take transaction slip, scrap it immediately after use 
  7. If your ATM card is lost or stolen, report it to your card-issuing bank immediately 
  8. When you deposit a cheque or card into your ATM, check the credit entry in your account after few days.If there is any variation, report it to your bank 
  9. If your card gets stuck in the ATM, or if money is not supply after you having keyed in a transaction, call your bank immediately 
  10. If you have any complaint regarding your ATM/Debit/Credit card transaction at an ATM, you can take it up with the bank that issued the card to you

Protect Yourself
  • Use secure ATM machines under CCTV cameras or inside of a bank lobby. They’re less likely to be tampered with.
  • Pay careful attention to what the card reader and keyboard normally seem like on the ATMs you use mostly. 
  •  Do not use an ATM if the card reader seems to be supplementary on, fits poorly, or is loose. Some thieves place a fraud box over the card slot that reads and records account and PIN numbers. 
  • Call the customer service number on the ATM immediately if a machine appears doubtful or if it does not function properly If You Have Been a Victim of ATM Skimming
If you are thinking that you have got used an ATM with a skimmer hooked up and believe it’s compromised your personal information contact the BB&T(Branch Banking & Trust) number posted on the machine as well as local law enforcement.

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