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what is VoLTE ? Learn Something about VoLTE

Learn Something about VoLTE | what is volte | benefits of volte |


What is VoLTE ?

VoLTE stands for voice over Long Term Evolution. Utilising IMS technology (IP Multimedia Subsystem), it is a digital packet voice service that is delivered over IP via an LTE access network. Voice calls over LTE are recognised as the industry-agreed progression of voice services across mobile networks, deploying LTE radio access technology. In a VoLTE or `Voice over LTE’ scenario, voice calls, typically, will be provisioned over a 4G LTE data network, instead of the circuit-switched 2G or 3G networks which are commonly used. The VoLTE technology, typically, allows voice to become just another app that rides on an LTE data network. Long-term evolution, or LTE, is the technology standard for delivering high-speed broadband services, popularly known as 4G.

What are the benefits of VoLTE ?

The implementation of VoLTE offers many benefits, both in terms of cost and operation. VoLTE. . It provides a more efficient use of spectrum than traditional voice. Further it helps meet the rising demand for richer, more reliable services. VoLTE ensures that video services are fully interoperable across the operator community, just as voice services are, as demand for video calls grows. VoLTE can be deployed in parallel with video calls over LTE and RCS multimedia services, including video share, multimedia messaging, chat and file transfer. VoLTE increases handset battery life by 40 per cent (compared with VoIP). It delivers an unusually clear calling experience; and provides rapid call establishment time.

Nokia leads the VoLTE race in India

Nokia has so far bagged contracts from India’s two leading telcos, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone India for the deployment of IMS-based VoLTE technology on their networks. It also bagged a contract worth $100 million (about Rs 670 crore) from Reliance Jio for VoLTE deployment across the country.

Jio VoLTE network


Reliance Jio had last year awarded a contract worth $100 million (about Rs 670 crore) to Nokia for VoLTE deployment across the country. Jio is currently deploying the VoLTE technology at the national level. For Jio, VoLTE will be the base engine for delivering voice service since it has limited 2G and no 3G fallback network of its own. It is banking on tie-ups with Reliance Communications if it needs backup voice airwaves.

Airtel joins the VoLTE battle


Airtel is deploying Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology on its network in association with Finnish gear maker Nokia to take on Reliance Jio Infocomm, which is expected to start operations soon and base its services on this technology. The deployment is initially targeted towards the metro circle.
Vodafone too plans to offer VoLTE service
Vodafone, the country’s second largest telco, is also deploying Nokia’s Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology. The deployment is initially targeted towards the metro circle.
Idea mulls VoLTE, in talks with Nokia
dea Cellular, the country’s third largest telco by subscribers, recently said it has the capability to introduce Voice of LTE (VoLTE) technology, but it would do so only when the ecosystem is ready and matured in India. The telco is currently in talks with Nokia for the VoLTE deployment.

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