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Lito Sora Super Bike Powerd by Electric Moters

Lito Sora Super Bike Powered by Electric Moters

Day by day fossil fuels are decreasing and our environment is changing. The reason of decreasing the fossil fuel is increasing vehicles on road. We need to find out new resource of energy and how to control the environment pollution.

LITO Innovations

Lito is a 1st company in motorcycle Industry to manufacture the electric sports bikes. Sora is world’s first Luxury electric super bike powered by Lito. The features and performance of Sora you have never seen in this category. It has a sports like performance and adjustable driving dynamics (the bike allows you to shift between “custom and sport” handing as you ride). In addition to this Sora , Lito offers Sub-systems and design for powerful, Eco-friendly transports of varied sizes. As these transport demand high performance additionally as comfortable battery storage space, and Lito will currently provide solution to fulfill this would like.


Lito Sora has a fully custom and lightweight aircraft grade aluminum chassis which plays the most important role. The Rider Adjust his riding position “sports to Custom” Seat Height Adjustable electric seat from 750 to 850mm (29.5 to 33.5 in.) . The Front suspension, 43 mm inverted cartridge fork. Rear suspension, Elka suspension fully adjustable. Aluminum swing arm. Wheels of Sora is 6 spoke light-weight machined aluminum size of front wheel is 3.50* 17 ” and Rear Wheel 5.50 * 17″.

Lito Sora Super Bike

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The bike coupled with High Density Lithium Polymer Battery which is around 12 Kw. You can charge this battery approximately 8-9 hrs and can ride in one charge Range-City 200 km and highway: more than 100 km. Top speed of Sora is 190 km/h (118 mph). You can drive this in 3 control modes (performance, normal, safe range).

Lito Sora Super Bike_battery_blck


Lito offers you Instrumentation Digital unit with displays for: speedometer, battery charge level and  warning lights  5.7in. LCD with touch screen:  GPS and LITO’s application USB port.


The Transmissions of Lito Sora is Belt final drive and CVT transmission. Power Control LITO advanced software, integrated computer, regenerative braking.

Lito Sora Super Bike_gpsblck

Speed in 0-60

Lito Sora comes in 2 model one is Signature Series and one is Base model. Base model takes 4.7 Seconds for 0-60 and Signature Series takes just 3.9.


The price of Lito Sora Base model  is $ 77,000 usd.

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