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How to make Free Calls

Now Days Calling is the most important but sometimes we have no balance to make a call and it’s very frustrating when you have to make an urgent call and your phone shows you that you have no balance to make a call. Now whenever you have no balance to make a call then you can try this trick to make a call anywhere throughout the world.

Follow the steps to enjoy Free Calling

  1. Go here and register here with your number
  2. After verifying your number Go To
  3. fill there Your number, password and Friend Number
  4. then click on please CALL
  5. Wait 5 min your Phone received a call from and them conference your call with your friend
  6. yeah Now you using Free Calling
This site only provides 64 min per day so enjoy free calling. if you have any problem just comment below I will help you and keep visiting us…..

if you have too much calling in the single day  then you can join multiple free calling websites for free calling. Now days so many companies providing free internet calling on their website so you can enjoy more while talking with your friends and  loved once. here is the list of some other website providing free calling from their website.

List of website Providing free internet











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