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Most Funniest Moments in a programmer’s life

I was in my college surfing the web and found an article on a technology blog listing many funny situations in a developers life. I filtered them and writing top ten out of these. I can assure if you are a programmer you’ll surely roll out of laughter after reading this. I am also adding some gifs to make it even more realistic and funny. If you like my post please do share it.
  • After lots of coding, coding and just coding, the situation “When we upload something to the production environment”. Then this is how we looks like :
  • Now lets come to situation when we feel like we are the kings. It is the situation “When the code we have never tested during development works perfectly in production“.
  • The most saddest situation is “When you are told that the module you were using from last ten days will never be used“.
  • The moment to shake your body “When the sales team announces that our application has been successfully handed over to the client“.
  • The most frustrating moment “When the code that was working two days ago perfectly is no longer working now“.
  • The moment to get excited silently “When a very difficult bug goes unnoticed at the time of presentation“.
  • The moment when we want to slap or abuse the customer but we can’t. “When the client wants to change the specifications just two days before the start of its production.” 
  • The most depressing moment “When they told me that the website needs to be supported by the Internet Explorer.”
  • When our excitement suddenly changed to disappointment. This is the situation “When we apply the CSS for the first time to a webpage”.
  • The most risk taking situation “When we start developing the code without any analysis”

  • When my project manager suddenly turns his eyes on my screen.

  • The moment to make proud over others “When we manage to develop an algorithm in 10 lines that requires 100 before us.”
  • The moment we try to hide yourself “When the boss is looking for someone to handle a very difficult bug.”

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