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Everything you must Know about Reliance Jio

Everything you must know about Reliance Jio.

Hello guys, From a long wait here I’m back with something interesting you have to know about 4G or Reliance Jio 4G. As you all Know about Reliance Jio scheme and offer they offered their customer. Every offer Jio offered their customer are attractive and unbelievable seems to be gamechanger of telecom world. its seems that they are going to change the entire systems. But  the basic questions that arise are


What about the Voice Quality? 

As we all now the Reliance Jio is I-based network and it will only offer you 4G i.e NO 2G or 3G all about 4G. reliance Jio services using LTE (Long Term Evolution) Network. Also all voice services routed through data packs, with Jio relying on VoLTE (voice over LTE) that create the huge difference from other networks. VoLTE services almost same as VoIP as OTT applications like Skype, viber etc. In 4G network the quality will be Excellent but vary pending upon the signal strength or data speed.

what about the connecting time with other telecom users ?

Nowadays Reliance Jio face some issue regarding connectivity but they solve this problem now.Reliance Jio and state-owned operator BSNL signed a pact for intra-circle roaming – that is to say, roaming within the same telecom circle. This means BSNL customers with a 4G-capable phone will be able to use Reliance Jio’s 4G services in roaming mode, while Reliance Jio’s customers will be able to use BSNL 2G network for making voice calls. this means that you can now call anywhere in india also if you not have Jio 4G signal and this will be free also as Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani had said during the Reliance Jio launch that it would not be charging for roaming at all.

List of top 5  telecom companies  which also offer VoLTE services around the Globe.

As we all Know about Reliance Jio offer VoLTE services in india with unbelievable offers to attract more customer in their circle. Now lets learn more about 4G VoLTE services provider in world offer same services like Jio.

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