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How to remove background from complex Images-Photoshop Tutorial

There are many tools in Photoshop to remove background from images but some times we have some complex images which are not easy to edit so today we are going to show How to edit the image background around lots of hair in Photoshop CS5. Just follow these simple steps…

Step 1.
Open the image in Photoshop you want to edit

Step 2.
Now Create a copy layer of existing layer by right click on layer in layer pallet then select “Duplicate layer” and then hide the original layer.

Step 3.
Select the picture with the help of Quick Selection tool. Select the picture as much you can and leave rest of the part. You can also select the image with the help of lasso tool and pen tool etc. I will select polygonal lasso tool or Quick Selection Tool in this case.

Step 4.
Now open mask panel from window option present in menu bar of Photoshop. Select add pixel mask from mask panel then click on mask edge option present in refine edge panel. Now refine mask panel will appear in your screen and your Photoshop screen will look like this.

Step 5.
Select view mode option according to your needs and then Select Refine radius tool present in side panel.

Step 6.
Now click and drag the mouse around the area of the hair you want to make visible. then add some contrast according to you need and select decontaminate color option in output section and select output to New layer with new mask and click on OK

Repeat Step Six again if you want to make picture more refine

Step 7.
    Now create a new layer for background (you can also choose this background) and add some gradient or color as per your requirement.
 the final result will look like this
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