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How to Repair Old Photos in Photoshop- Photoshop Tutorial

We all have some old photographs some are faded out with time or some contains cracks.
Softwares like Adobe Photoshop can turn life back into these old photos – if you know correctly how to use it and if you don’t then you can learn all that here.
Follow these step to retrieve your old photo..


Steps To Repair Old Photographs in Photoshop

Step 1.
Open the photo you want to retrieve in Photoshop.

step 1

Step 2.
Select the photo with Quick selection tool right click on it and click on Select inverse. then fill it with white color by pressing delete button on your keyboard.

step 2
step 2
Step 3.
    Now zoom in the photo. Select Patch tool from toolbar menu. select the damaged area with patch tool and drag it two another place with which you want to replace the damaged area with. repeat this process again and again at different location to get clean photo.
    you will get a clean image like this one.
Step 4. 
  Select the channel from layer pallet and deselect the RGB, Blue and Green option.
1step 5
    Now Open the image option from menu bar and click on Auto Tone, Contrast and Color of the photo.
step 41
Now your photo is ready…
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