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Secure Your Computer from the virus Attack

How to Secure Your Computer from the virus Attack

Hi, Friends Today I am telling you How Secure Your Computer from the virus Attack .There are many ways to defend and eliminate malware from our computers. No one method is sufficient to ensure your computer is secure from the virus or malware attack. The more layers of defense, the harder for hackers to use your computer. There are some simple, but important steps to protect your computer.

  1. Install Antivirus

    You need to install Antivirus on your computer system. Before purchasing the license for antivirus you can you check out the demo versions. Before installing any antivirus software you need to know that what is an antivirus and why we use it ? An antivirus is computer software used to intercept, identify and eliminate harmful software. we use these types of software to protect our computer from virus or malware. which enter quietly into the computer system and take our important information and your information will be used against you and your country.

    Secure Your Computer from the virus Attack
  2. Keep Update your Antivirus

    You need to up to date your antivirus for its properly working. It will give you the notification for updating the antivirus.

  3. Choose the best Operating System

    Nowadays there are many Operating systems in the market. like Microsoft windows and Linux etc. everyone knows about the MS windows (Microsoft windows). if you use windows Operating systems you have to pay some money for purchasing license. But , if you are using the Linux operating system. You don’t have any need to pay any kind of money. because it’s free for all. Linux operating system is also available for developers and the user.

  4. Avoid using the crack software

    you need to avoid the Pirated or crack Softwares. These Softwares are bundled with viruses or malware that is secretly placed on your devices. The range of intrusions differs from annoying advertising to gaining access to your credit card and e-wallet information.

  5. Scan your system Daily

    if you are using USB device or any kind of portable multimedia device. which is not sure to you the device you are using with Computer is not safe then Scan that device first. and then use it.

  6. Keep Your Computer’s Operating System Up-to-Date

    We are strongly suggested that you update your operating system on a daily or weekly with the latest security application, updates, and drivers. This will ensure that your computer is up-to-date and that will help to keep your computer free from viruses and other security threats.

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