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Brilliantly idea’s to Transform Junk into awesome things

You probably know the old adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Have you ever put that into action? (Dumpster diving for a lost wallet doesn’t count.) These 27 awesome craft ideas use “junk” that’s been recycled. These old juice cartons, clothespins or furniture could have been thrown in a dumpster… but instead, some pretty brilliant people online found ways to re-use their old trash. Recycling isn’t so difficult when you have clever ideas like this.

1.) Old hubcaps shouldn’t go to a junk yard.

2.) Pop tab? More like pop FAB.

3.) Just make sure to clean the tires.

4.) Old cans can make great bird feeders.

5.) Don’t pitch that old suitcase!

6.) For those wine drinkers out there…

7.) Wine: good for drinking and for decor.


8.) If you happen to have an excessive amount of teapots (or just one).

9.) This idea is GRATE.

10.) This picnic table is smooth.

11.) Don’t let that rubber be burned or become trash.

12.) Old light bulbs make adorable penguin ornaments.

13.) Even if you can’t fit into your old jeans, your pens and tools can.

14.) All healed up? Time to use your crutches for

 something else.



15.) What a nice flower bed! (GET IT?)

16.) A new coat of paint and now it’s a kitchen set for your little girl.

17.) Old jeans can be transformed into anything.

18.) A cheap and easy wind chime.

19.) Have lots of books you’ll never read?

20.) The best kids project ever.





21.) An awesome use for unused pipes.





22.) Making clothespins adorable.

23.) You won’t recognize this water jug.

24.) When you want to get rid of that old coffee table…

25.) Hate gardening but love wine?

26.) Yet another home for tires that isn’t a landfill.

27.) If you don’t need that door anymore…

(H/T Dump A Day) Instead of letting landfills overflow with your junk, try to think of creative ways to recycle it. Apparently, you can re-use almost anything. These ideas are absolutely genius, share them with others!

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