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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner

Hello Everyone,

Today i am going to introduce you with a new device which is  Mi vacuum Robot. Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner can save your time and also save the money. Its your one time investment. You have to just switch on the device and it starts working. The device can clean your home just in 2 to 3 hrs. Xiaomi launches his new product for home cleaning which is Mi vacuum Robot under Mi Ecosystem branding. Mi Robot vacuum cleaner is manufactured by a company known as RockRobo which is a part of the Mi Ecosystems. Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner is a smart robot which maps the home and cleans it continuously avoiding any obstacle.


Features :

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner is loaded with multi sensors and features like Gyroscope sensor, a cliff sensor to avoid the staircases, device has 12 laser Distance Sensors (LDS), and an ultrasonic radar sensor to avoid animals.To provide more local stability it uses Simulation Localization and mapping (SLAM) for better performance. This algorithm helps in mapping unknown territories with updated location of the device.

Battery :

Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner has 5200 mAh battery, which is allows to clean the home for 2.5 hours in a single charge. The device is good for small size home. It adjust its height automatically according to the cleaning surface. Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner can be paired with Mi home application as well. The user can control and monitor the path of the device and can set up cleaning schedules as well.


Vacuum cleaner


The device will be available soon in India. And the approx cost of Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner, is just Rs17,000/-  With this price point, it is expected to give competition to cleaning robots of the known brands such as iRobot Roomba.

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